Speaking of Joy: The Nightingale

If we recorded every word we said for 24 hours straight what would we hear when we hit replay? 

It’s a scary thought isn’t it?

Would our recording sound like the gripe fest of the Australian Channel Billed Cuckoo highlighting every little thing not going our way?

Or would it sound more like the sing-song of the Nightingale full of joy and wonder? 

The cries of the Channel Billed Cuckoo have been described as “pterodactyl."  Those were the winged reptilian birds that bring to mind Jurassic Park.  Their screeches are a pre-historic cry full of fury and angst.

Nightingales, on the other hand, are known for having the most beautiful voice of all the songbirds.   And they are so named because they sing 24/7 – night and day.   They have an impressive collection of trills, whistles and chirps.  And when there’s noise around them, they sing even louder.

What we say and how we say it reveals a great deal about our life and our hearts.

My husband often reminds me that words have both positive and negative power.

The more we fuss and complain about our troubles, the more they seem to take over our life.

On the other hand, the more we talk about what is good in our world, the less influence our problems seem to carry. 

What if we did our best to begin and end every conversation with a positive thought rather than a negative one?   And maybe added a positive thought or two in the middle just for good measure?

I think if we made the choice to share first, last and most often the joy in our life rather than the headaches, our life would be more good than bad.

We would be much more like the Nightingale and a lot less like the Cuckoo.

Until next week, I hope your life is full of joy and gratitude,