Speaking of Joy: Fixing What Ails Us

People really know how to get themselves in a pickle sometimes, don’t they?

And sometimes in ways that are extremely public.  We’ve seen it all before, too.   The faces and names may be different but the story is just a variation on a single theme. 

“What were they thinking?”

Of course, public figures are not the only ones to make a mess of things in spite of knowing better.

It’s our DNA to be human which means we are all really good at creating flops, fiascos and failures.

And because we are so good at creating muck, we get lots of practice cleaning up after ourselves. 

Unfortunately, we often don’t tend to be any better at solving our problems than we are at creating them.

Now why is that?

Because the thinking that got us into trouble is rarely the thinking that will get us out of trouble.  If we’d been thinking right to begin with, we wouldn’t be in a quandary.

So what’s the solution?

I think there are three options:  

Ask someone who loves you to tell you the kind truth.

Ask someone who doesn’t love you to tell you the kind truth.

Linda Sterling Sease, Speaking of Joy

Love yourself enough to tell yourself the kind truth.

That last one is the hardest one of all. Telling yourself the kind truth is a difficult balancing act.  And that’s because we rarely talk kindly to ourselves.  We say things to ourselves we’d never say to a stranger much less to someone we love.

To really create solutions to our problems, we have to love our problems and ourselves.   We have to love our difficulties and follow them down the over-grown paths, the barren trails and the lonely routes that lead to a happier life and a more satisfied self.   

That journey is really the only thing that can fix what ails us.

Until next week, I hope your life is filled with joy and gratitude,


Linda Sterling Sease is a professional speaker, career coach & writer on the power of joy to transform companies, homes and communities.  To explore how Linda can work with your organization, call 303-319-5829 or email her at Linda at SterlingSease.com.