Speaking of Joy: Joy to the World

Christmas week is finally here – only a few days away now.

We are so fortunate in this country.  We each have the right to spend December 25, and every day that comes before and after, celebrating our religious beliefs as we wish. 

But we are in the world’s minority. 

A study released this year by the Pew Research Center indicated that 77% of the world’s population“were living in countries with a high or very high overall levels of restrictions on religion.” China, India, Russia, Pakistan and Indonesia top the list. 

And for perspective, Christians and Muslims around the world “together make up more than half of the global population” according to the study and face harassment in 52% and 50% of the world’s countries respectively.

So as we easily celebrate the Christmas holiday this week, it’s just as easy to loose sight of how very blessed we are to have this fundamental freedom. 

And it calls to mind a fitting holiday song – “Joy to the World” - an English hymn based on Psalms 98.   

Speaking of Joy:  Linda Sterling Sease

One of my favorite performances of this holiday classic is by Libera, the London-based angelic all-boy choir.   Ironically, Libera translated from Latin means “to free.”   The group takes it’s name from the “Libera Me” section of the Catholic Church’s Requiem Mass. 

Take a quick break from your shopping, wrapping and cooking and listen to this beautiful tribute to a freedom that we enjoy and so many others long for this holiday season. 

Joy to the world – and to you and your family, too.


Linda Sterling Sease is a professional speaker, career coach & writer on the power of joy to transform companies, homes and communities.  To explore how Linda can work with your organization, call 303-319-5829 or email her at Linda at SterlingSease.com.