Working Together

In The Weeks Before Your Event

The best part of working with Linda is the custom advance work she does -- cookie-cutter presentations are not her style.  The work she does for you will be both timely and specific based on plenty of homework done well in advance of your event. Linda often likes to interview key audience members and customers prior to her presentation planning.  She also has a background in research so she frequently conducts her own small sample surveys to better understand the current temperature of the industry, company and audience.   

The Week of Your Event

When appropriate, Linda enjoys coming in early and staying a bit later so that she can experience the conference events you've planned.   When that is not possible, Linda will still arrive well in-advance of her presentation time to ensure that all aspects of her presentation run smoothly.   She prefers to work with your audio visual team at the time that is most convenient for them.   Early morning equipment checks are not a problem - ever! 

Audio Equipment

Linda will provide her own microphone and wireless connecter and she'll come equipped with a collection of cords to ensure connection compatibility.   She'll also provide a wireless link for her microphone to your equipment.

Video Equipment

If Powerpoint capability is necessary, Linda will utilize her own MacBook Pro and will load the presentation on a USB for back-up in case there are compatibility issues.   Linda will also provide her own wireless remote control.

The event organizer is asked to provide the projector and the screen.  In most cases, the projector and the screen should be set up stage left (audience right).  

Small Side Table

A side table is necessary to hold Linda's laptop, a glass of water and any additional items specific to your custom presentation.  


For keynotes delivered to audiences of 200 or less people, a stage of 6" to 12" high works best.   For keynotes delivered to audiences of 200 or more, a stage of 1' to 2' high works well.  

For groups fewer than 50 and for seminars and trainings, Linda prefers to have no staging.


While Linda prefers theater-style seating for keynote audiences, rectangular tables set up classroom style is also an option as is round tables.   Please position the first row of tables not more than approximately 8-10 feet from the stage.


Linda prefers the room to be fully lit so that audience engagement is maximized.   

Other Factors

Linda often provides handouts or other items for your audience.   If so, she will coordinate those details in a manner that is most convenient for you.

Recording Audio & Video

Linda's work for your group is protected by copyright.   Recording her presentation for future use is possible with prior discussion and agreement.  She'll do her best to find a suitable arrangement for your group.

More Questions?

Linda is happy to review in detail every detail related to her presentation for your group!  She can be reached at 303-319-5829 or email her at linda at