As a professional speaker on the topic of joy in the workplace, Linda's seen first-hand how a positive environment fosters a multitude of beneficial corporate attributes.

Joy can become a company's calling card and there are top-notch companies with strong bottom lines attesting to the power of happiness.

Happiness at work has been shown to:

  • increase productivity;
  • improve performance;
  • stimulate creativity;
  • reduce turnover;
  • encourage teamwork;
  • enhance self-worth;
  • and strengthen customer loyalty.

Through keynote speeches, short seminars and daylong workshops, Linda teaches "The Art & Science of Creating Joy."   She combines personal stories, real-world examples, the latest research and practical strategies to multiply happiness at work, home and in our communities.   Her passionate style is engaging and entertaining, and in the words of one executive client:  "She challenges you to think.  She causes you to act."

And, Linda's extensive background as a skilled corporate executive and successful 24/7 single working parent make her highly relatable to audiences.

Speeches, Workshops, Seminars & Panels

As a speaker, workshop leader and panel facilitator, Linda is adept at working with both small and large events.  She understands the challenges event planners face because she created many similar events in her corporate career.  That empathy makes her a dream speaker for you.  She knows her job is to make your job "a piece of cake."

Linda customizes every presentation and workshop based on a comprehensive discussion and review of your client's interests and objectives.  The concepts below are merely starting points for working with her on your next event.

  • Joy is a Bottom Line Asset
  • The Art & Science of Creating Joy in the Workplace
  • A Culture of Joy Creates Happy Customers
  • Happy Teams are A-Teams
  • It's Hard to Be Creative When You're Cranky
  • Sunny-Side Up in a Hard Boiled World: Why Optimism Fosters Success
  • Cry a River or Build a Bridge:  Joy is a Choice
  • I'll Be Happy When:  Why Joy is Not a When, It's a Now

Working with Linda

Call Linda today at 303-319-5829 or email her -- Linda at -- for an audience presentation that offers a fresh take-two on how finding happiness has a bottom line benefit that can lead to powerful paths for success and meaning.