JOY at Work Career coaching

Joy is an asset that can absolutely impact the bottom line of every aspect of our life and especially as it relates to our work and our family and friends.   

But joy isn't easy and we're confused about the work required.  And we're confused about what creates real  joy, too.

Joy takes work.  And the things you think will make you happy rarely do - at least not for very long.

Actually, it's often difficult to know what really makes us happy.

Is it really that next big promotion?  Or yet a bigger house?  Or more expensive car?

Extensive research says no, those things have nothing to do with living a happier life.

So what is it?

Well, the answers are uniquely related to you and my coaching is designed to help you find your own happy way though the principles of positive psychology.   Our personalized one-to-one time can positively impact your career decisions and is designed to increase your personal awareness, grow your confidence, identify strengths, encourage action, support change, and in the process, expand joy.

Sometimes it can be tough "going it alone" and especially when faced with difficult career choices.    And the research demonstrates that, too -- we all experience more happiness when we know we're not alone.   

Relationships are an important part of life and having a caring yet objective listener can make all the difference when we're stuck, unsure about what should come next, or just navigating through the rough career waters we often face in life.

Career coaching isn't therapy though - and that's important to understand.  My coaching clients are mentally healthy and eager to expand their current well-being.  They are often in search of a new career path or more mobility in their current career.   Or they may want more fulfillment in their family and personal life and often though a desire for a more balanced life/work approach.  Regardless, their focus is entirely on today and the road ahead rather than the life they lived yesterday.

Because each client is unique, it stands to reason that each coaching plan will be, too; but most plans include the following discoveries as a starting point:

  • Current Life and/or Career Goals;
  • Strengths Assessment - what are you good at doing;
  • Values Assessment - what do you hold dear in life;
  • Flow & Go -- when you're doing what you love and time flies;
  • Sticky Widgets -- what's holding you back;
  • Secret Weapons -- powerful habits that support change
  • Arrive & Thrive -- a plan for getting where you want to go.

And since each client and plan are unique, how we work together will be, too.   Some prefer to meet in person while others would rather chat via FaceTime, Skype or over the phone.   Some prefer a set schedule while others like to keep things more flexible.   I follow the Platinum Rule with my clients.  I treat you as you wish to be treated -- which means how we work together is really all about you.

If you'd like to learn more about working with a life/career coach, then let's start with coffee -- I'll buy!    You can reach me via phone at 303-319-5829 or via email at Linda at