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Seven Weeks Of Joy

When you're ready to make a decision about getting happy in work and in life - and we mean really dive in - this is the class for you.  

Yes, it will be fun and yes, it will be casual; but, it will also require that you do the work and that's a good thing - really!  And the science behind happiness says so, too!

This is a detailed look into that science and how you can artfully apply that to your life.  It will challenge the way you think about joy and give you new and proven tools to pursue a more meaningful life.

This isn't therapy -- it's science so expect some homework!  You know -- reading and writing and exercises, too.   They won't be over your head I promise -- they'll be fascinating and fun and most of all, really, really good for you and the folks that love you, too.

We know you want a few basic details so yes, they will be held on seven week-day evenings, not more than two to three hours per class all in and over the course of seven weeks -- so about 21 hours of joy, laughter and learning.   And we'll have snacks, too!

As we finalize the specifics for our next series of workshops, we'll post them here or better yet, pop us a note using this handy form and we'll put you on our email list.